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6 Foods That Boost Healthy Hair Growth Infographic
SMPP Software ProviderThe secret of healthy hair isn’t expensive in-salon treatments and luxurious hair serums (often filled with silicones and other not-so-helpful-and-sometimes-even-harmful substances), neither is it combing your locks 100 times every day (this is actually bad for your hair, but that’s another story) or putting egg yolks as nourishing mask. It’s all about what you eat. No wonder, long time ago, someone said that the beauty from the inside shows on the outside. Let’s go through 6 essential elements that will nourish your locks and help you grow your healthiest hair ever. Iron Quite often hair loss is associated with iron-deficiency anemia. Iron carries oxygen to the roots of the hair, which makes it essential for normal hair growth. As you know – where there is oxygen, there is life. Disrupted nutrient flow to the hair follicles can result in significant thinning and weakening. Note that caffeine interferes with iron absorption – avoid drinking a lot of coffee/green and black tea or caffeine-rich beverages. What to eat: leafy greens (especially spinach!), liver, pumpkin and sesame seeds, almonds, dried apricots, wheat germ and legumes
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