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Getting Over a Breakup is a Chance
SMPP Software ProviderWhile breakup is a much-faced reality, it is not an easy one. So many people out there who need help like counseling and therapy to get over a painful breakup. Here I am summarizing some the convenient and compelling methods that I found in books and researches on that matter to get over a breakup. Confidence is one of the biggest attributes of people. Often breakups can degrade people’s self-esteem. So, first thing to get over a breakup should be redefining yourself. Calculate how much you have given up of yourself on the previous relationship because the great extent you’ll give up on a relationship, the greater the pain will be. If you are one of those people who are happier and find themselves worthier when they are in a relationship, then it’s time that you learn to live happily and be satisfied with yourself without the need of being in a relationship. With this new self-confidence, getting over a breakup will be easier. Then, you should work on the borders of your relationship. Think about your version of perfect relationship, with details. Set time for everyone, for your partner, family and friends. Separate some time for yourself. Think about the things that you want for yourself, in life and in your relationship. Commit yourself to communication about your own dreams, needs and goals. It won’t cause people running away from you. Instead, it would be interpreted as a strong personality and this may even get people more attracted to you. Taking care of your heart is the next step. We know that the breakup is a ride in an emotional roller coaster for most of the people. So it’s obvious that your heart takes quite a toll on that situation. First thing first, don’t listen to your brain at this time as it is not reliable. Try to remember the reasons you broke up. Stop reminiscing. Accept the fact and let go. Be active on your social life.
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Bijan Kholghi, for 20 years has had a passion for self-development and he has read hundreds of books on the subject. For 17 years he has been working as an entrepreneur in the finance business and through personal interest, his path led him from finance to psychology and coaching.

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