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Evolution of Banking Sector
SMPP Software ProviderIn an era of information technology, evolution of banking, as well as, the financial sector has been noticeable. Emerging with modern a banking process from ATMs, online shopping to mobile banking, the sector witnesses thousands of job opportunities each passing year. Needless to state the number of job applications banks receive, it can however be stated that career in the Banking Industry is indeed thriving. As clearly revealed in the infographic, the various stages of development in the banking sector, the progression in the same has been commendable, with challenges for banking employees and hiring managers, being constant. Banking industry, which was earlier not a growing sector for employees, has transcended the boundaries of expectations after India’s economic reforms introduced in 1991. Banking sector has adapted the new trends and has geared up its processes to open up jobs for the potential job-seekers. Furthermore, the dramatic shift in the way banks are functioning today has also made the lives of working employees easier, less-pressurized and more effective. It would hence not be wrong to state that the ever evolving banking sector has turned out to be more liberalized, stable, effective, technologically-advanced, competitive and more customer-oriented.
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