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SMPP Software ProviderMonosodium Glutemate (MSG) is a food and drink additive intended to enhance flavor. MSG is a known excitotoxin, a type of neurotoxin that causes brain cells to be overly-excited resulting in a breif sort of "high" but ultimately causing the cells to die. It's what causes you to become "addicted" to or unable to stop eating certain foods and/or drinks. MSG has been known to cause headaches, fluttering heartbeat, mood swings, gastrointestinal issues, weight gain, and more. (See a full list of symptoms here.) In fact, scientists studying obesity, inject mice and other animals with MSG to MAKE them gain weight in order to study obesity's effects on a body. That should be a huge red flag right there! What's more is that continued exposure to excitotoxins like MSG can ultimately result in neurological damage, including but not limited to, depression, hyperactivity, numbness and anxiety, which I struggled with daily before eliminating MSG from my diet.
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