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How to Use Bulk SMS Message Marketing to Boost your Sale
SMPP Software ProviderOne of the most used advertising tool in India is Bulk SMS Message Marketing right from small companies to corporate companies.

We have listed out few important features and benefits of Bulk SMS Message Marketing in India. Bulk SMS Message Marketing Salient Features Cost Effective (Cheaper than other marketing media).

Immediate (Instant Messaging). Targeted (Focused clientele).
Permission Based (Opt-in based SMS Marketing).
Personal (Interact one to one possibility). 98% opening rates in 5 seconds (Most recipients read SMS within 5 minutes).
Easy Reach (Reaches your customers no matter where they are).
Environmental friendly (No natural resources used while advertising).

DISCOUNT Encourage your customers to make purchase in stores by showing the code or discount coupon they received via SMS. Along with this you also let your customers know about your latest offers going on.

REMINDER / NOTIFICATION / ALERT These services are now more and more demanded by the customers. Bank, Insurance companies, Schools, Colleges etc. use this services to help their customers keep track of important information by sending it straight to their mobile phone.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH Tell the world about your new product launch via SMS. SMS is the fastest and cost effective marketing tool. Let the world know the best product you have launched and show them the best of your product.

PRESALE DISCOUNT Reward your customers with exclusive discount to encourage them to repeat purchase. Offer better discounts on your upcoming products or services.

COMPETITION Conduct competitions via SMS and use product giveaways to encourage sign-ups, and reward your loyal customers. Offer better services than your real competitors with better quality and standards.
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