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Tips for Better  Healthy Sleep
SMPP Software ProviderWe live in a world that highly values productivity and hard work. As great and important as that is, many of us sacrifice sleep to make everything else in our lives happen. How often have you heard someone say (or said yourself) that “there just aren’t enough hours in the day” to do it all? It may seem like no big deal to forego a few hours of sleep now and then, but it can really add up, and the repercussions can be major. While it may sound obvious, inadequate sleep can leave us exhausted. What may not be so obvious is that exhaustion and fatigue slow down our reaction time. This can be quite dangerous, especially if you are driving. Lack of sleep can also disrupt hormone regulation, leading to a host of issues, from acne breakouts to significant weight gain. Research suggests that the current obesity epidemic may be related to the fact that we are all getting less sleep than we need.
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